Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Forestry-related Sectors

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About this program

Explore how gender equality, diversity, and inclusion drive sustainability and transformative change within forest-related sectors.

What you’ll learn:

Foster sustainability and facilitate transformative change

In today’s evolving forest-related sectors, understanding and integrating gender equality, diversity, and inclusion (GEDI) is crucial for fostering sustainability and facilitating transformative change.

This course delves into the pivotal role of GEDI within forest-related sectors, providing insights and practical approaches to fostering an inclusive environment.

Developed under the IUFRO Task Force on Gender Equality in Forestry, this course aims to empower participants with the knowledge and tools needed to advance gender equality and promote diversity and inclusion in forestry-related fields.

Breaking down the barriers for GEDI in forestry

Explore the concepts of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, and their importance in the forestry context.

Examine various global case studies and best practices, illustrating the integration of GEDI principles in forestry.

Learn how to contribute to more sustainable and equitable forest management practices, benefiting ecosystems and communities alike.

Rooting for change in forestry

Gain practical tools and strategies to foster inclusive practices within forest-related sectors.

Discover how to achieve a gender-balanced workplace and cultivate inclusive leadership, enhancing the resilience and sustainability of working life for everyone.

By the course’s end, you’ll have a nuanced understanding of GEDI in the context of forestry.

You’ll possess the knowledge and tools needed to assess and improve GEDI practices within your organisation and sector, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future in forestry.

   Location :
Institution : The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)
Topics: : Governance & rights
Level: : Beginner
Price: : Free

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