Landscape Finance: Investing in Innovation for Sustainable Landscapes

Bridge the gap between finance and landscape! Learn to navigate the web of landscape financial flows, mechanisms and requirements toward developing cutting-edge business cases and models for sustainable development in landscapes.

About this course

Landscape approaches call for innovative interventions that cut across sectors and scales. Public and private funders are ready to invest but there are gaps to bridge. Integrated landscape investments need to be built on shared understandings and motivations between landscape inhabitants and leaders and the world of finance.

Are you from the finance world and want to think from a landscape perspective? Or, are you working in or for a landscape initiative and want to mobilise resources? Join this course and bridge the gap between finance and landscapes. Gain critical insights and develop the skills to capitalize on investors motivations to invest and the need for innovative financing in landscapes.

You’ll learn from experiences with linking public and private to stimulate game-changing investments. You’ll hear about multi-sector, multi-stakeholder investments that manage and effect multiple landscape functions.

Join the course now and jump right in to breaking down complex language and concepts in a light and highly interactive manner. Learn about plural values and how they can be achieved with the right investment. Learn too how to stimulate, secure and coordinate the execution of that investment. During this course you’ll also learn develop integrated investment strategies to support landscape leaders and investors in their related efforts. This course will get you ready to join the global discussion, debate and journey toward sustainable and inclusive landscapes.

Join this course now and take your first step towards the Professional Certificate Programme in Landscape Academy. Join two more courses in this programme and earn your credential.

The Landscape Academy Professional Certificate Programme lets you harness the power of place and advance your career as a landscape leader and the programme consists of the following courses:


What you'll learn

  • Learn how integrated landscape investments can add financial value
  • What sources of capital are available for integrated landscape investments
  • Which types of financial mechanisms can support integrated landscape investments
  • How to use blended finance to support integrated landscape investments
  • How to coordinate finance at a landscape scale, considering institutional needs


Wageningen University & Research


Business & finance, Food & Livelihoods, Landscape Approach, Measuring Progress


Online learning


4 weeks (8 hours)


1 to 3 hours per week




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In my environment we focus more on the economic and infrastructural aspects of landscapes. Now I know that landscapes are much more, and also include stakeholders, investors and financial flows . . . this makes the landscape more complex, but also more realistic.

The interface of landscape management with finance was totally new for me . . . during the course I heard about cases where investments are coming in and help to make landscapes more sustainable – that was a good way to learn about the way in which finance can influence landscapes for the better.

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