Carbon Finance Learning Program

Further your career in resilient landscapes management

Estimated Time 4 webinars in May, July, September and November 2022
Enroll by 22 April 2022

Note that there are limited spots available. Applications are now open and due 22 April.

About this program

This series of webinars aims to build the capacity of policy stakeholders, ecopreneurs and local landscape project developers to mobilize carbon finance. It also seeks to familiarize young professionals and students with the concept of carbon finance for nature-based solutions. The webinars will consist of interactive digital sessions with the possibility of group and classwork, featuring up to three experts per training session.

This program is organized in the framework of the Luxembourg-GLF Finance for Nature Platform and was launched during the platform’s Digital Forum on Sustainable Finance for Nature-based Solutions.

Program objectives:

  • Help local stakeholders increase their understanding of key carbon finance concepts
  • Highlight ways to generate carbon revenues in various land use project types and business models
  • Provide a roadmap to monetize carbon benefits


Who is this program for?

This learning program on carbon finance targets business leaders and entrepreneurs (especially ecopreneurs), local project developers (incl. GLFx chapters and restoration stewards), young professionals, students and policy stakeholders, seeks to increase their understanding of key carbon finance aspects while highlighting opportunities for local action. It also aims to showcase practical examples of business ideas around carbon finance.

Program content

Participants of this program will increase their knowledge of carbon finance and carbon markets and their application in local nature-based solution projects. Participants will receive insights into compliance and voluntary carbon markets, possible business models on carbon finance, and how article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which was finalized during COP26, will impact global carbon markets. This program will be divided into four webinars:

WEBINAR 1 | Introduction to carbon finance, carbon credits and carbon markets

  • What are climate finance and carbon finance?
  • The concept of carbon credits
  • The role of carbon credits in net-zero and carbon neutrality targets
  • Voluntary and compliance carbon markets
  • Working group exercise on key concepts for carbon finance in landscapes

WEBINAR 2 | Carbon benefits in landscapes: project types and business models

  • Carbon accounting in landscape and sustainable land use projects
  • Project types with relevant carbon benefits
  • The development of business models centered on carbon credits
  • Importance of non-carbon benefits
  • Working group exercise on defining landscape projects that generate carbon benefits

WEBINAR 3 | Certification of carbon credits in landscape projects

  • International standards and organizations involved in voluntary carbon markets
  • Mechanisms in compliance carbon markets
  • Certification processes for various standards and schemes
  • Working group exercise on how to get carbon credits certified in your landscape project

WEBINAR 4 | ​​Commercialization of carbon credits and fair allocation of benefits

  • Negotiation procedures
  • Key marketplaces and exchanges
  • Benefit-sharing schemes
  • Working group exercise on how to sell carbon credits generated by your landscape project
   Location : Online
Institution : Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)
Topics: : Business & finance
Level: : Intermediate
Price: : Free

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