Forest and Landscape Restoration for Young People in Africa

Further your career in resilient landscapes management

Estimated Time
Enroll by 01 June 2023

About this program

Are you a young practitioner (under 35 years old) in Africa interested in learning more about forest and landscape restoration (FLR)?

This online course will be delivered in English by ELTI in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to young people in Africa to develop your skills and knowledge, raise awareness about FLR, and enable its implementation on the ground. The course aims to build the capacity, skills and networks of young practitioners and provide them with basic knowledge on the ecological, social, and economic aspects of FLR that they can apply in their careers.

What you’ll learn:

The course provides participants the opportunity to advance their knowledge through a series of presentations, discussions, readings, and case studies. Over the duration of the course, weekly assignments and the final project will guide the participants to develop preliminary management plans for a specific site of professional interest. This course also provides a space for participants to share their experiences and conceptual and technical expertise with ELTI facilitators and other guest speakers in weekly live sessions.

Weekly modules

  1. Introduction to ecology, disturbance and regeneration potential
  2. Socio‐cultural and political aspects of restoration
  3. FLR practices and strategies
  4. Integrating FLR and production activities
  5. Monitoring restoration projects and ROAM
  6. Financing for FLR
  7. Course wrap-up
This course is no longer available
   Location : Online
Institution : Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Topics: : Restoration
Level: : Beginner
Price: :

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