Food and Nutrition Security in Urbanizing Landscapes

Further your career in resilient landscapes management

Estimated Time 4 weeks
at 3-5 hours per week
Enroll by 19 January 2023

Deadline December 6, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Key concepts and issues around food and nutrition in urbanizing landscapes
  • The role of rural-urban dynamics and how they manifest in the landscape
  • A variety of tools for a basic analysis of a city region food system
  • Inspiration for advanced tools for city region food system analysis
  • Guiding principles for good landscape governance and the role of food policy within
  • The importance rural-urban collaboration to achieve food and nutrition secure landscapes
  • Identify leverage entry points for sustainable change
  • How to mobilize key stakeholders towards a common vision
  • What your role as landscape professional can be to contribute to food and nutrition security in your urbanizing landscape

About this program

In the midst of changing landscapes and expanding urban spaces, there is an increasingly heavy burden placed on limited natural resources such as water and land. This competition for resources places rural areas, which are key for food production, under pressure – causing serious impacts to food and nutrition security

Over and undernutrition are on the rise in these landscapes with consumers stuck in food deserts and producers having difficulty finding profitable markets, leading to a rise in  lifestyle related diseases, such as obesity and heart disease, as well as increased mortality and poor childhood development. City governments and urban planners can play a key role in addressing these issues by putting food on the urban agenda, yet many cities lack a food agenda.

In this course produced by the Global Landscapes Forum’s partner organisation Wageningen University & Research, you will learn to look beyond the boundaries of your personal expertise and geographic location. Taking on an integrated spatial and food systems perspective to open up possibilities, bringing about structural change, and acquainting you with a variety of tools to analyze food and nutrition issues and their relation to your rural-urban landscape, enabling you to mobilize key stakeholders in your rural-urban landscape.

This course is no longer available
   Location : Online
Institution : Wageningen University & Research
Topics: : Food & Livelihoods
Level: : Intermediate
Price: : Free (add a verified certificate for a fee)

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