FAO E-Learning Series to Address the Transparency Framework in GHG Inventories

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About this course

Sustainable and reliable national GHG inventories are essential instruments for assessing efforts to address climate change and progress made towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. The FAO Transparency Team is developing a series of online courses that support countries in building a sustainable GHG inventory under Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF).
So far, three courses have been developed, and made available to all interested climate experts, especially those tasked with the preparation of national GHG inventories. The first course “Preparing a greenhouse gas inventory under the Enhanced Transparency Framework” provides an overview of reporting requirements under ETF together with basic steps for the preparation of GHG inventory. The other two courses provide practical guidance to estimate emissions and removals from the agriculture and land use sectors.  Two more courses are under development, focusing on estimating ‘uncertainty in
emissions/removals in agriculture, forestry and land use’ and ‘GHG emissions from livestock at tier 2’.
By covering fundamental concepts and providing step-by-step exercises, these courses allow users to understand the ETF process and apply the knowledge acquired in the given simulations, as they proceed with learning. This is a collaborative effort between FAO and UNFCCC that aims to strengthen institutional and technical capacities of national entities in the transition towards the ETF. For other related tools and updated resources, visit the FAO’s tools and resources page for ETF.
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1. Preparing a greenhouse gas inventory under the Enhanced Transparency Framework
2. The national greenhouse gas inventory for agriculture
3. The national greenhouse gas inventory for land use

   Location : Online
Institution : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Topics: : Climate change
Level: : intermediate
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