Transforming Dryland Forests and Agrosilvopastoral Systems

Further your career in resilient landscapes management

Estimated Time 3 Hours and 40 Minutes
at 3 Hours and 40 Minutes
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What you'll learn

  • Drylands and dryland food production systems.
  • Challenges to drylands and agrosilvopastoral systems.
  • The transformational approach to sustainability in drylands and agrosilvopastoral systems.
  • The economic sustainability pillar of the approach and its three expected transformations.
  • The social sustainability pillar of the approach and its three expected transformations.
  • The environmental sustainability pillar of the approach and its three expected transformations.

About this program

The exciting new course will build the competencies needed to transform the way practitioners manage dryland forests, with a focus on increasing sustainability whilst retaining the benefits of other interventions. It targets programme and project managers, field practitioners, policy makers and anyone interested in sustainable development of drylands. After the launch, it will be available free on the FAO Learning Academy platform.

   Location : Online
Institution : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Topics: : Climate change, Restoration
Level: : Beginner
Price: : Free

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