Landscape Governance 2020

Orange Knowledge / MENA Scholarship Programme 2020’s course: 15 October 2019
Course registration: 17 February

About this course

This course challenges forestry and nature management professionals to adopt an integrative perspective, to look beyond the forest, and build bridges between the public and the private sector. We focus on institutional development at landscape level including multi-stakeholder platforms and networks, and financial support mechanisms to guide landscape dynamics on the ground.

For who is this course?

Participants should be experienced professionals with several years of working experience in the fields of natural resources management, forestry, agriculture, rural development, rural livelihoods, sustainable development or other relevant areas. Proficiency in English is required.

Course programme in more detail

Forested landscapes worldwide are increasingly integrated in global processes of trade, market development, resource exploitation and climate change. This is why landscapes are increasingly considered to be appropriate levels to negotiate land use options. Within forested landscapes food production,commodity agriculture, biodiversity, resource extraction and other land uses are competing for space. Negotiation and conflict mediation between stakeholders and their interests are therefore increasingly needed and a new breed of professionals is high in demand.

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Application for this course

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What you'll learn

  • Critically examine landscape dynamics at various levels and scales
  • Understand the implications of up-scaling participation to working with diverse stakeholder groups at landscape level
  • Be able to identify the institutional change needed to enhance public-private collaboration and multi-stakeholder governance processes at landscape level
  • Be able to assess your own role as manager or practitioner, and develop your competencies as a facilitator of landscape governance processes


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Wageningen International Congres Centre


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